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Month: March 2014

Things to Keep Out of Your Dumpster

row of garbage cansThe ability to throw things into a trash can or dumpster and have them hauled away is a wonderful convenience of our modern world.  It helps you keep your home and your community clean and healthy.  It is also particularly helpful when you are doing large projects and need to clear out your materials. However, just because you have a dumpster to throw things into doesn’t mean that you can throw away anything you want. Due to safety and environmental concerns, there are a few things that you need to keep out of your dumpster.

#1 Paints and Solvents: the chemicals and oils in paints and solvents can contaminate water sources and should not be thrown away in the dumpster. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Start a Recycling Program in Your Home

Recycling label.Recycling is a great way to help reduce the level of waste that is threatening to ruin our environment.  Luckily, it is also an extremely easy activity to do.  If you are looking to start a recycling program in your own home, follow these simple tips in order to get if off and running in no time.

Check Your City’s Recycling Program

Before you get started, you want to check and see if your city already has an established curbside recycling program.  These programs often come with guidelines and rules (such as particular containers that need to be used, what items can be picked up, etc.) that you need to follow. Continue reading

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