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Month: May 2014

Leftovers Guide

When to toss your leftoversWhether it comes from your home cooking or from a restaurant meal, leftovers are a common occurrence in the American family’s refrigerator.  Leftovers mean that you can continue to enjoy your meal after the original preparation, extending your culinary pleasure experience.  However, leftovers, when left too long in the fridge, can be a major source of food poisoning and other related illnesses.  In order to make sure that you avoid such illness, its best to know just how long it is safe to eat your leftovers and when you need to throw them away.

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Taking Out the Trash: How to Get your Family Involved

Most families have several trash bins in their homes.  Common places include the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.  While these trash bins are incredibly helpful in making sure that waste gets collected, when the bins are not emptied, they can quickly overflow into the room and release all sorts of nasty smells.  In order to make sure that trash duty does not fall squarely on your shoulders, here are three simple tips to getting your family involved: Continue reading

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