Tiger Sanitation

Month: March 2015

Recycle trash into something useful

Spring has sprung! Think twice about what you are throwing in the trash! Maybe it’s something that can be reused elsewhere rather than sitting in the landfill. Check out our tips to reuse items that would have been thrown in the┬ádumpster!

1. Birdfeeders- Use an orange peel or old toilet paper roll for an easy biodegradeble birdfeeder (makes a fun craft for kids too!)
2. Milk bottle watering can-
3. Kitchen compost pail from old containers- Use an old coffee ground can or dish detergent container to store compostable items.

Making recycling a priority

Recycling can often come as an afterthought when you’ve already tossed your materials in the garbage can. Make recycling easier than just throwing something in the trash. Try moving your trash can so that your recycle bin is more easily accessible than your trash can. This could mean that you move it across the room or even out your back door. Moving it outside also has the benefit of eliminating unwanted odors in the kitchen. If you do move your trash can outside it would be good to invest in a garbage can that has a lid or even a locking lid so as you aren’t attracting unwanted animals. Click the links below for a few locking lid options.

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