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How schools can reduce waste

Here at Tiger Sanitation, we care about recycling from the household to school. Schools everywhere could reduce waste and recycle by following these guidelines.

How to reduce waste in the classroom

-Reduce the number of paper handouts you pass out in class

-Post assignments and classwork online

-Have students bring printed assignments

-Purchase classroom supplies in bulk


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How to reduce waste in the school administrative office

-Make sure your office mailing list in up to date, so you can avoid sending extra mail.

-Email office memos instead of printing out memos for each employee

-Provide recycling bins in the office

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How to reduce waste in the cafeteria

-Buy food in bulk

-Donate excess food to shelters

-Provide recycling bins at the cafeteria

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We hope these tips were helpful. If you have any questions about your waste management needs, please contact Tiger Sanitation Utah.


Why Buy Recycled?

What is considered a recycled product?

A recycled product is entirely made up of recycled materials. However, there are many recycled products that are made up of less than 100% recycled materials and those are accurately called recycled content products. Some examples of recycled content products (RCP) are printer cartridges.


Saves the environment

Did you know 20 boxes of recycled paper can save trees, oil, water and 4100 kwh of energy? According to the Department of Conservation, not only do recycled materials like paper save on trees, oil, water, energy, but recycled materials also eliminate pollution.

Conserve Landfill Space

Recycled materials don’t make it into a landfill, so landfill space is saved.

8291062401_60606091f8_bCreates jobs

Recycled products bring jobs in so many ways. Recycling plants offer more jobs than landfill plants. Since there are more steps to the recycling process, more employees are needed to fulfill the job.

Come to Tiger Sanitation Utah or give us a call to learn more about recycling!

Single-Stream Recycling

Tiger Sanitation Single-Stream Recycling Program

Tiger Sanitation Utah is more than honored to be a part of your goals to reduce waste and recycle. We have adopted the single stream recycling program that can help you recycle in an easier fashion.

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What is single stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling is a new recycling systems that allows all paper, plastic and metal materials to be incorporated into one recycling dumpster and sent off to a sorting facility.

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The story behind single-stream recycling

California was one of the first places that single-stream recycling has started. It began in a few communities in the 1990s and expanded to ⅕ of communities throughout the country 15 years later.

There are two advantages to single-stream recycling

Convenience. It is so much easier for individuals to put all recyclables in one bin than having to sort them out themselves.

Increased numbers. Since single-stream recycling is as easy as putting all recyclables in one place, more households participate in this new program.

Who knew that going green could be made easier? If you are interested in having a single-stream recycling program in your home or business. We would be happy to help you reduce waste.

The importance of proper waste management

At Tiger Sanitation Utah, we believe that proper waste management is critical for your safety and the environment. When trash is disposed of properly, we are able to prevent less pollution in the air, which can help with improve public health. When you use proper liners and containers for your trash, you are preventing toxic materials from entering the environment.

4 reasons why proper waste management is important

  • Protects the environment. When waste is disposed of properly, you can prevent hazardous materials from contaminating the environment.

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  • Recycling helps you make extra money. Sort all your recyclables and make some money out of it! Waste disposal can be pricey at times and you should do all that you can to recycle first and then dispose of all waste materials.

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  • Reduce waste. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! The beauty about recycling is you can reduce waste and reuse your materials.


  • Safety.  
    You need to make sure you are properly storing and disposing your trash because it can be harmful to others. Whether it’s disposing your trash in the right type of trash liner or container, it can be critical to yours and other people’s safety.

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We operate with a fleet of trucks and empty more than 5,000 dumpsters a month. We can handle any job and we hope you do business with you in the near future.

Why you should choose a small business



Why people are going the small business route

Many people choose to go with a small business because they are more personable than a large corporation. Nowadays, people are tired of being treated like a number and getting in touch with an automated voice message instead of an actual person. As humans, we crave interaction with other people. Believe it or not, we are very social beings! Unfortunately, large corporations are too busy looking at the bigger picture rather than individual customers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a small business:

  1. Small businesses are customer focused
  2. Small businesses are local
  3. Small businesses believe in being personable with their customers
  4. Small businesses support the local economy
  5. Small businesses understand a customer’s individual needs

Tiger Sanitation Mission Statement

  • To offer a boutique-like experience at competitive pricing and to simply excel at doing so.
  • To maintain a work place of honesty, respect and care by championing personal improvement and rewarding professional growth.
  • To develop and improve industry technology, waste processing methods and recycling techniques.
  • To protect, preserve and improve quality of life on our planet by offering comprehensive and safe dumpster services.

As you can see, we believe in providing the best service for our customers in Salt Lake County in Utah. Our motto is “Prompt, professional, responsive service” and we can help you with your waste management needs today!



Why Recycling is important

The Process

Recycling goes through a three-stage process.

Collect and sort your recyclable items.

The manufacturer will collect your materials and process them into new reusable products.

The recycled products are sold to consumers.


Reasons why recycling is important

Recycling reduces pollution: By recycling your old items, you can help reduce the amount of harmful gases in the environment and in the air.

Smaller landfills: We can reduce the size of landfills by reducing our waste and recycling more.

Save money: When you recycle your old products, you can use the money from recycling for other things like groceries and paying the bills. A little recycling here and there, can go a long way.

Save energy: It takes less energy to process recycled materials rather than using brand new materials.

Creates jobs: By recycling your unwanted items, you are helping with creating jobs that can boost the economy.

Here at Tiger Sanitation, we have created an efficient recycling program for our customers. If you want to learn more about it, please contact us today!

130 Apartment Communities and12,000 Utah Residents

Providing Salt Lake City Waste Management

Founder Loch Michie has been involved with managing property nearly his entire life until switching gears to start Tiger Sanitation, a Salt Lake City waste management company.


When Loch was young, his father Jim Michie and business partner Rodger Thompson began their life careers of owning and managing multi-family communities. In the early days, their niche was old (now historic) apartment high rises in downtown Salt Lake City that they converted into condos.

During these acquisitions, Loch spent many hours and days helping to make the necessary improvements to the building structures and grounds. Operations director Trevor Buchan’s first job was Maintenance Tech for a property management firm where he oversaw special projects at several apartment communities.

We know what it is like to be on the other side of the table when we do business with apartment managers. We know what is important to our customers, how to be better than our competitors, and I believe that is why we are so popular.

We at Tiger Sanitation see recycling as a big opportunity for our business in Salt Lake and believe that apartment dwellers, managers, and owners will benefit in many ways as well.

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