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Why Buy Recycled?

What is considered a recycled product?

A recycled product is entirely made up of recycled materials. However, there are many recycled products that are made up of less than 100% recycled materials and those are accurately called recycled content products. Some examples of recycled content products (RCP) are printer cartridges.


Saves the environment

Did you know 20 boxes of recycled paper can save trees, oil, water and 4100 kwh of energy? According to the Department of Conservation, not only do recycled materials like paper save on trees, oil, water, energy, but recycled materials also eliminate pollution.

Conserve Landfill Space

Recycled materials don’t make it into a landfill, so landfill space is saved.

8291062401_60606091f8_bCreates jobs

Recycled products bring jobs in so many ways. Recycling plants offer more jobs than landfill plants. Since there are more steps to the recycling process, more employees are needed to fulfill the job.

Come to Tiger Sanitation Utah or give us a call to learn more about recycling!

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